German-Russian Science Days in Perm

08 may 2019

Dear colleagues, we invite you to take part in the German-Russian Science Days in Perm!

     Representatives of DWIH — the German Center for Research and Innovation in Moscow, and partner organizations of DWIH — German universities, research institutes, scientific associations and scientific foundations (DAAD, DFG, Helmholtz Association, Free University of Berlin, etc.) come to us, along with German scientists.

     The purpose of the event is to establish direct contacts between Russian and German scientists, a joint search for opportunities for cooperation.

     At the PNRPU, the events will take place on May 20, beginning at 13:30.

     The program for May 20 includes:

  • Opening of the “German-Russian Science Days in Perm” at the PNRPU
  • Presentation of the German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH)
  • Popular science lectures by scientists from Germany
    • Lecture No. 1 “Separate waste collection: Drivers and barriers” by Dr. C. Wünsch, Dresden Technical University
    • Lecture No. 2 on “Industrial wastewater treatment” by  Prof., Dr. F. Rögener, Cologne University of Applied Sciences

     You can read the detailed program for May 20 — 22, which includes events at the Perm State University’s site, in the attached file.