Entrance fee

15 october 2021

Entrance fee

To ensure the work of the Conference and cover publishing costs, the Organizing Committee has established an entrance fee, the amount of which depends on the declared category of participants.
The amount of the registration fee does not depend on the format of participation in the conference (live or online).
Category of participant
Entrance fee,
incl. VAT 20%
A Students, graduate students, teachers, researchers of universities of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries 1 000 rub.
A1 The same participants as in category A, members of the IWWG 750 rub.
B Other participants from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries 2 000 rub.
B1 The same participants as in category B, members of the IWWG 1 500 rub.
C Participants from other countries 50 euro
C1 The same participants as in category C, members of the IWWG 40 euro
IN ADDITION to categories A, A1, B, B1, C C1payment for publication in the conference proceedings
D Publication of an article (including prepress processing) in the open access electronic journal "IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science", indexed in the IBC SCOPUS
14 100 rub.
or the equivalent amount in euro at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of payment

The articles will be published in electronic form with Open Access.

You can pay the entrance fee by bank transfer. To do this, a legal entity — the participant's organization must conclude a contract with PNRPU by November 15, 2021, receive an invoice for payment, and pay it. At the conference, the participant receives the originals of the contract and invoice, an act of completed work, an invoice. The received documents are submitted to the accounting department of the organization.

Individuals pay by bank transfer to the settlement account of PNRPU.

Payment details:

Correspondent bank
Beneficiary bank
ACC.: 40503978600054000056

Please, INDICATE in the field "Purpose of payment": "Consulting services. Participation in the conference, 2021/903, category ... (and ...) ". Indicate the category (s) of the participant in accordance with the table above.

A notice of payment in any form must be sent to waste.pstu@gmail.com, in the subject line please indicate: "Notice of payment of the entrance fee".

You can ask questions about payment, send information about payment, request the contract template and payment details by the e-mail waste.pstu@gmail.com, in the subject line of the email please indicate: "Questions about payment of the entrance fee".