AМAKS Premier hotel
43 Monastyrskaya str.
20 minutes by foot to the PNRPU main building
Price from 2 200 rub./day
Hotel “Ural”
58 Lenin Str.
5 minutes by foot to the PNRPU main building
From 3 300 rub./day
Prikamie Hotel
27 Kmsomolsky av.
Located next to hotel “Ural”, 3 minutes by foot to the PNRPU main building
From 2 900 rub./day
City Star hotel
14а Monastyrskaya str.
From 3 750 rub./day
AurA City Hotel
23b Monastyrskaya str.
From 3 400 rub./day
Garni-hotel “Sibiria”
29 Petropavlovskaya str.
From 4 100 rub./day



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     The city of Perm was founded in 1723 as a village at a copper smeltery. The founder of the city is Vasily Tatishchev, whose monument is located in the historical center. In 1781, a key event for the city took place — Perm became the center of a huge province, and since that time the city has always been one of the key administrative centers of the Western Ural.
     In the 19th century, the city experienced cultural and economic prosperity. In the first half of the 19th century, several large classicism monuments appeared at once in Perm. These include the largest Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, the Rotunda, the House of Noble Assembly. In the second half of the 19th century, Meshkov unique house, city theater and the building of the Mariinsky Gymnasium were built.
     Based on the text from the website:
Art object “Happiness is just aroung the corner”
1 Monastyrskaya str.
Photo from:
Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre
25a Petropavlovskaya str.
Perm State Art Gallery
4 Komsomolsky ave.
Admission ticket for adults costs 150 rubles
Legend of the Perm Bear
49 Lenin str.
On June 12, 2009, a sculpture of a walking bear, a symbol of Perm and the Perm Territory, was erected near the Ural Hotel, not far from the Central Department Store.
Permyak — Salty Ears
27 Komsomolsky av.
One of the most original sights of Russia was installed in the center of Perm on April 1, 2006. This unusual monument consists of two elements: the figure of a photographer and a pedestal with an oval frame with large ears, in which you can put your face and take an unforgettable picture.
MiG on Takeoff
36 Chkalov str. — Subbotin Public Garden
This memorial is a real supersonic fighter-interceptor MiG-31, located on special support arcs. The total flight time of this aircraft is 1322 hours.
The D-30F6 engines for the MiG-31, the fastest and highest altitude combat aircraft in the world, were developed at the Perm Design Bureau (now Aviadvigatel OJSC) and mass-produced at Motorostroitel Plant (now Perm Motor Plant OJSC).
Meshkov House — Perm Museum of Local Lore
11 Monastyrskaya str.
Admission ticket for adults costs 150 rubles
Perm Rotunda
41 Sibirskaya str. — Gorky Central Park of Culture and Rest
The building of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in the Perm Territory ("Death Tower")
74 Komsomolsky av.
Bishop's Compound of the Church of the Ascension
11 Borchaninov str.
Photo from:
Perm Holy Trinity Stefanov Monastery
4a Visimskaya str.

Photo from:

The Mariinsky Gymnasium — now Pryanishnikov Perm State Agrarian and Technological University
23 Petropavlovskaya str.
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