In November 30 – December 1, 2017, the III International Scientific Conference “FROM WASTE MANAGEMENT TO RESOURCE RECOVERY” was held at PNRPU.

     The following persons made a welcoming speech at the plenary session of the conference:
  • Yuri Utkin, Chairman of the Perm City Duma;
  • Prof. Vladimir Korotaev, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovations of PNRPU;
  • Prof. Larisa Rudakova, Head of the Department of Environmental Protection of PNRPU;
  • Vladimir Makovey, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Forestry and Ecology of the Perm Region;
  • Rustem Daripov, Deputy Prosecutor of the Perm Inter-district Environmental Prosecutor's Office;
  • Lev Tretyakov, Deputy Head of the Department for Ecology and Environmental Management of the Perm Administration;
  • Prof. Yakov Vaisman, Scientific Head of the Department of Environmental Protection of PNRPU.
     Representatives of the authorities in their speeches paid special attention to the environmental situation in the city of Perm and stressed the importance of holding such events aimed at promoting environmental responsibility and awareness of the population. The conference organizers, in turn, spoke about their own experience in implementing projects in the field of waste management.

     On the first day of the conference, participants from different cities of Russia, Germany and Lithuania, as well as representatives of the department organizing the conference, spoke at the plenary session. The issues of waste management, technologies for waste treatment and disposal, as well as the results of researches performed by scientists from Russian and foreign universities and examples of the implementation of technical solutions for business structures in the field of waste management were discussed.

     On the second day of the conference five sessions took place:

  1. Waste management in a transitional economy;
  2. Responsible research and innovation in the context of sustainable development;
  3. Design, construction and operation of environmentally friendly landfills;
  4. Impact of waste on the biosphere. Waste treatment technologies;
  5. Young researchers.

     Innovations in waste management, modern technologies for monitoring natural and man-made objects, the results of introducing circular economy, environmental education, territorial waste management schemes, the best available technologies, sustainable urban development, the integration of the RRI (responsible research and innovation) concept in engineering practice to ensure sustainable development, the results of the works of young researchers in the field of waste management have been discussed at the sessions. After each report, the speakers were asked interesting questions, there were active discussions.

     It should be stressed that Perm schoolchildren also took part in the conference. They shared the results of their own scientific researches of practical importance.

     At the end of the conference, a solemn ceremony of awarding the authors of the most interesting reports was held; the partner organizations of the conference were given letters of thanks.

     The organizers received a lot of positive feedback from the participants about the interesting content and high level of the conference’s realization.

     The conference organizers, the PNRPU Department of Environmental Protection and the Regional Branch of the International Waste Working Group in Russia and NIS (IWWG – RUNISRB), thank all the participants for their invaluable contribution to the conference, for their activity and indifferent attitude to environmental issues.

     We express special thanks to Bumatika LLC, Perm Pulp and Paper Company and Naue GmbH & Co for assistance in organizing the conference.

A.V. Tsybina and S.V. Polygalov,
Senior lecturers of the Department of Environmental Protection of PNRPU